The Fly Ring

In the early 70’s, Alex Streeter visited Tangiers, Morocco on a trip that echoed the footsteps of the beatniks, in particular those of poet William S. Burroughs nearly 20 years before. On a whim, Alex decided to bring along his wax carving kit, and so began a pattern of nomadic creation and exotic inspiration that would define his carving work for years to come. Upon arrival at the Istanbul Hotel, a well known watering hole that played host to many rockstars of the period, he set up a carving bench in the lobby and began to work. In Tangiers he would go on to carve many of his most popular works; One of which is “the Fly”, a life-size rendering of a common housefly and Alex’s personal homage to dark surrealism. 

Sterling Silver.

$ 80.00

Type: Creatures    
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The Fly Ring