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Limited Edition Pluto Angel Heart Ring

The final day to order a Pluto Angel Heart Ring will be September 25th, 2022. After that, this Limited Edition Galaxy Ring will return to its orbit among the stars, only to return in 10 years time.

Each year we travel through our solar system, creating a Limited Edition offering in honor of one of the planets in our Night Sky. This year, Alex Streeter is proud to present the 10th and final installment in the Galaxy series, and perhaps our favorite yet - Pluto! The first six people to purchase a Pluto Angel Heart Ring will be entered to win a virtual astrology reading by our friend Diane over at @Tarottauk.

First discovered in 1930, Pluto has now been relegated to the status of “Dwarf Planet” due to its small stature. To us, Pluto will always be the 9th planet from the sun, and to celebrate it, Alex Streeter & Co have created our own version of the Pluto symbol & and defiantly made it larger than any Galaxy symbol before! This ring is set with our own version of the astrological symbol for Pluto, available in your choice of sterling silver or 18K gold plate. 

To honor Pluto, the most wonderfully dark and mysterious of all planets, we chose a very special gemstone to accompany this piece. This Limited Edition is set with sugilite, a beautiful inky purple stone first discovered in 1944 by a Japanese petrologist named Ken-ichi Sugi (which is where it gets its unique name). Sugulite is an incredibly rare stone known as "The Healer's Stone". Due to the this crystal's rich manganese concentration, sugilite is said to help sooth pain and restore the body. 

In February of this year the United States experienced its “Pluto Return”, with Pluto making its first full orbit around the sun and returning to its original position from when our country was founded in 1776. In astrology, this type of event is thought to mark a new chapter, and bring with it a profound societal shift. Furthermore, Pluto itself is associated with death and rebirth, creation and destruction - it is the planet of endings and new beginnings… 

With this ring, we celebrate the arrival of a new future and better days ahead... Hail Pluto!


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