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Limited Edition Starfire Angel Heart Ring (Cathedral Star)

In years past, we have traveled through the universe bringing you stones from the seas, forests, mountains and underground caves…

This year, Alex Streeter has reached deep into the ancient fire to bring you a brand-new ring - presenting STARFIRE.

The 2022 Limited Edition Starfire Angel Heart Ring is set with sunstone, a beautiful natural gemstone featuring deep hues of red and orange. When viewed at the right angle, these radiant gems contain shimmering copper fragments that glitter like glowing embers.   The Ancient Greeks believed that sunstone harnessed the eternal fire of the sun god Helios within itself. We were so inspired by these beautiful stones, that we decided to create an all new star…

Introducing the all-new Starfire emblem - a burning pentagram alight with tiny dancing flames. This star symbolizes the true nature of the many stars in our universe. Each sparkle in the night sky we call “star” is in reality a blazing fire whose flickering light travels eons to reach us.  Available in both sterling silver and 18K gold, the Starfire pentagram beautifully complements each sunstone, a nod to the greatest star of all. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this ring burns brightly with hope  - may it light your way in the dark….

Available in with a Sterling silver or 18K Gold pentagram insert.

Please note that these stones are natural, and as such vary in color. 

Each order comes with a Limited Edition postcard signed by Alex Streeter.

Looking for a star insert not listed yet? Shoot us an email to to create your own custom 2022 Limited Edition Starfire Angel Heart Ring


$ 800.00

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