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The Story

Alex Streeter began his career by making custom death masks, tarot card necklaces  and other mystical talismans at his store in Soho, New York in the early 1970’s.  Born to a Welsh mother, Alex was initially inspired by a fascination with the Ancient Welsh Druids and early paganism. This affinity for the the occult and its intersection with the natural world features heavily in his carvings.

Alex’s work has been widely sought after by musicians and rockstars for almost 50  years - he counts David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Debbie Harry, Boy George, Joni Mitchell, Madonna, Billy Idol, Aaliyah, John Mellencamp, Hyde of L’Arc en Ciel and Jonathan Davis among his collectors.  Today, Alex Streeter is most known for his signature piece - the Angel Heart Ring,  originally worn by Robert DeNiro in the 1987 neo-noir thriller “Angel Heart”.