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Limited Editions

The 2006 Limited Edition was the very first Limited Edition. 
During this year the Cracked Stones were first
released and the Limited Editions came with the Magicians Star.

The second Limited Edition series was launched in the fall of 2007. 
The Angel Heart Rings for this year were bathed in gold.
Stone colors were white and stars where Magician's Stars in Gold.

2008 launched the small baby star series.  
All limited editions had small baby stars on one side
and Stamped Streeter Lion Logos on the other.  

Since the proliferation of the internet, many images spread across 
chat-rooms, collector groups, and social media platforms.
Often times images were scanned from magazines.  
Colors changed and were re interpreted through various inks. 
This year, the color recreated a famous picture of an old 
Angel Heart in a magazine from the late 1990's

In 2010 Alex moved to Arizona full time.  
This year's limited edition was inspired by
the desert dust of the American Southwest
and the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
found in Arizona. It is the first limited
edition to not only be sold in Japan but
also in Taiwan and from the headquarters
in New York City.

2011 pushed farther still as the Limited Edition
tour spread to Seoul, South Korea.
The color was inspired by pearls of the Orient.

After the events in Japan in 2011, it was
important to make stones with more magickal
powers.  in 2012 the options were opened for
you to find an energy that spoke to people in
these power stones.

2013 tour became known as the grand tour.
Alex had promised his daughter East when
she graduated college.  This year they traveled
together through Japan, South Korea and Thailand.
Green Malachite 
Black Onyx Galaxy Angel Heart Ring Limited Edition 2015 by Alex Streeter
10th year Anniversary Tour
Black Onyx and Gold Pyrite
2016 Limited Editon Angel Heart Ring Royal Bloody Ruby by Alex Streeter 2016 Limited Edition Royal Blood Ruby Angel Heart Ring by Alex Streeter
Royal Blood Ruby

Ruby is one of the most powerful stones - it is the protector of the heart and the ultimate defensive against negative energy.



Holy Grail Amber

The very first Angel Heart Rings made by Alex Streeter are shrouded in mystery and legend. The original 12 rings are considered to be the “Holy Grail” for collectors, and have been faithfully recreated to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film Angel Heart. These rings were made using Baltic Amber, and were lighter in color than their successors. The 2017 stars are inlaid and set into the stone in the same manner as the original 12. Finally, we have raised the height of the dome in a nod to larger, rounder shape of the original rings. The perfect addition to any collection, the Holy Grail Amber Angel Heart Ring is a classic reborn.


"Sea Angel" Abalone

Created by hand with beautiful natural abalone shell, each stone boasts a unique swirling design composed by Mother Nature herself... As such, no two stones are exactly alike, giving each piece of jewelry a unique beauty that cannot be reproduced. Abalone is one of the oldest materials known to man and has been used for food and adornment as far as 12,000 years back. This year we also introduced the Shadow Star (third picture) which combines 18K gold and silver in one piece.




"Rainbow Lightning" Opal

Alex Streeter proudly presents the 2019 Limited Edition Rainbow Lightning Opal Angel Heart. The Ancients considered the opal to be a gift from the skies, cast to land through bolts of lightning. 
Flashes of color eminate from within the depths of these stones, rendering no two
specimens alike. Wear this ring and carry with you a piece of light harvested from the place between Heaven and Earth...



Sacred Scarab

 Iridescent Beetle wings are eternally preserved in this radiant, hand-made stone - an ode to the Scarab, one of the most important religious symbols in the mythology of Ancient Egypt. Throughout his career, Alex Streeter’s work has drawn much inspiration from the Ancient Egyptians, as Alex considers the Pharaohs to be the original occultists.


The Ancient Egyptians saw many similarities between the cycle of the sun across the sky and the scarab’s habit of rolling dung balls up from within the ground. As the sun and scarab emerged each day, the world was reborn to start anew.  Eventually the Scarab came to be associated with the ancient deity known as Khepri, the god of the Rising Sun. A man with the face of a scarab, Khepri was considered to be the god of creation and renewal of life, whose name literally means “"He Who is Coming into Being…” 


We feel this year’s Limited Edition Angel Heart Ring contains an important message for the year of 2020, looking forward into 2021. While this year has been a time of great devastation and loss, it has also been a time of reinvention and introspection. Just as the sun rises after a period of darkness, we anticipate the coming months to be a time of great transformation and resurrection.

Much as the scarab amulet provided the Ancient Egyptian wearer with protection and confidence in the certain knowledge of reincarnation, it is our hope that this Limited Edition Angel Heart Ring will bring you strength in this year of rebirth and new beginnings.


These beautiful Limited Edition stones vary widely in color, ranging from green to blue, purple and more rarely copper - no two specimens are alike. Most importantly, these beetles are sustainably harvested, only collected after their natural death.