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*Please note our work is custom made-to-order so please allow 4-5 weeks for production and shipping time.

Limited Edition Sonoran Turquoise Baby Dragon Tooth Ring

Introducing the Sonoran Turquoise Baby Dragon tooth series, a super-limited run of 6 beatiful Turquoise cabochons, known as "campitos." Mined from the rugged hills of Sonora, Mexico, the Campitos turquoise in this ring is prized for its striking blue-green color and distinctive matrix patterns.

(*please note that the stone in photos is not yet set)

According to Aztec mythology, the god Quetzalcoatl brought the first turquoise to earth as a gift for the people. The stone was said to represent the sky and the water, and it was believed to have the power to protect against evil and bring good fortune.

 This stone is also available as a necklace in your choice of length. 

More about the Baby Dragon Tooth Ring:

The Baby Dragon Tooth Ring is the latest addition to the fantasical, medieval world of Alex Streeter. Alex's love for dragons can be found in much of his work, right up to his logo derived from the Welsh Dragon National Flag - a tribute to his Welsh mother. A companion piece to the Original Dragon Tooth Ring, this ring is much smaller but packs just as much bite.


$ 330.00