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*Please note our work is custom made-to-order so please allow 4-5 weeks for production and shipping time.

Ring of Thorns

In celebration of the Fall Equinox, Alex & Lily Streeter are pleased to bring you a brand new work: presenting the Ring of Thorns… This piece represents a return to Nature, a labyrinth of intertwining branches spiked with thorns throughout. A nod to the classic Celtic vine of ancient pagan lore, this ring weaves a tale of persistence, growth and the tangled web of life. It whispers of the interconnectivity of the natural world and the unity of existence.

Designed by Alex and carved by his daughter Lily, the Ring of Thorns is a labor of love a long time in the making. Wrought with meticulous care, it was a challenging piece to create and went through many transformations as it evolved. A true test of patience - this ring is a reminder that strength and insight are gained through enduring the prickling tests of time. Wear the wisdom and guidance of the ancients upon your finger as you travel along this mortal coil…

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$ 590.00