Thick Scale Armour Ring

In the late 1970’s Alex Streeter created a line of “defensive jewelry” after hearing the story of a female friend’s mugging. He used pieces of a taxidermied armadillo to create body armor, and held an event known as the “Bate of the Amazons”. Two tall models wearing his custom creations fought each other in a match stage in a boxing ring in the middle of Prince street, Soho. Many years later, in 1992 he created a scaled-down version of these pieces in jewelry form. Thus emerged the Armadillo Cuff, as well as both Large and Small Armadillo Rings, inspired by the shape of the Armadillo's shell. 

Click Here to view vintage video footage of the Battle of the Amazons...

  • Available in solid sterling silver.

$ 270.00

Type: Medieval    
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Thick Scale Armour Ring